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Cloud Computing Services

We strongly believe that Cloud Computing can change the way you conduct your business

Get Cloud Computing Services and propel your business to the next level with professional tools to help manage and grow your business efficiently.

Cloud computing is not just a latest buzz word it is actually a technology which is changing the world around us. Cloud computing is helping companies become, leaner and faster and greener. With cloud computing your company can achieve so many goals much more easily than it could with conventional technology.

You want one reason to go for cloud computing, well we can give you 9:

  • Cost effective
  • Flexible
  • Stable
  • Scalable
  • Collaborate easily
  • Mobility
  • Secure
  • Beat your competition
  • Beneficial to the ecology

WebVedics uses open source cloud technology, OpenStack for cloud computing services. OpenStack is secure and reliable.

We also provide both consulting and set up services for Google Apps. If you choose our Google Apps set up service you can also avail a 20% discount on the first year subscription cost. Please contact us for the discount code.

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