Website Design, the Beginning of Your Digital Marketing Strategy Design

Website is the first step for any organization that it should take toward digital marketing. A website should not only serve the purpose of serving information but should also be well designed. A website is the face of your organization, your company and your store. This is how your customers will know you.  For most of your customers your website will be their first and in many cases the only point of contact with you, your services or products. Hence your website is of ultimate importance.

website designing

Let’s now see what makes a good website:

  • Website Speed:The website should load quickly. If your customer has to wait for anything more than a couple of seconds it is more likely that they will bounce off even before your landing page loads. Hence make sure your server speed is good and your website is not loaded with too large pictures or plugnis. They tend to make your site slow.
  • Website Design: Visual attractiveness: The customer today has a very low attention span hence to catch his attention in that first few seconds, your website should be visually attractive.
  • Website should be Navigable: A good website should be easily navigable. Your menus and links should be prominently present on both top and the bottom of the website. If your website uses a single page design then make sure that you have a back to top button, because the users hate scrolling up and down. Links on the footer should lead to all the pages or categories of pages in your website. If your website has several categories and subcategories, make sure that your category pages have all the subcategory links and also a back to homepage button.
  • Content is the King: You will hear us say this all the time because your customer is on your website to consume the content on it. Make sure that your content is updated, accurate and crisp. Content will make your site sticky, which means the customer will stay longer on your website and will keep coming back repeatedly if the content is great.

We will talk more about website design in our later blogs in the meanwhile if you have any feedback, thoughts please feel free to share them in the comments section. If you want a WordPress website designed like ours please do get in touch with us.

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