It Is All About Keywords

The right keywords can make or break your digital marketing. It is very important to choose the right keywords in your content, be it the blogs, your website titles, the description of your website or the ad copies that you write or the hash tags you create for your social media campaign. Keywords are important because search engines work on keywords, they categorise your content, or your ads on the basis of your keywords. The hash tags that you create for your social media campaigns get picked up as trending topics by the social search engines be it Twitter or Facebook or for that matter Instagram. Hence the correct hash tag is nothing more than the accurate keyword.

its all about keywords

  • Keyword Research: There are several free tools available online which can be easily used to find new keywords ideas. Google has a free tool called Keyword Planner which can be easily used to find new keywords along with their average monthly search volumes. Based on their average search volumes.
  • Trends: Use keywords which are on the trending topics be it on Twitter or Facebook or Google Trends. This will help you create topics for your social media posts and blog posts. Since these keywords and topics are already trending users will latch on to them and your posts will easily show up in search results.
  • Analytics: Your website and Google Adwords analytics are the best tools to tell you which keywords are driving traffic to your website. You can use these keywords in your blog posts or add them to your Google Adwords campaigns for better results.
  • Negative Keywords: When it comes to effective campaign optimizations on Google Adwords, negative keywords are important. Adding negative keywords will help you avoid undesirable clicks on your ads and hence irrelevant traffic to your website.
  • Long Tail Keywords: Detailed queries on a search engine are knowns as long tail keywords, these are usually more than six words in length and even though they don’t have high search volumes they can bring very specific traffic to your website and at a low cost. Hence always include long tail keywords in your content marketing strategy.

So if we can summarise this in one sentence, digital marketing without keywords is like butter chicken without the chicken. What do you think? If you have any feedback or ideas please do share them in the comments below. If you want any help from us as far as keywords are concerned please just write to us.

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