#Hashtag Your Way To Social Networking

Almost all social networking sites these days let you use Hashtags. A hashtag was first introduced by Twitter on August 23, 2007, and since then many social networking sites have adopted it. For those who don’t know a hashtag is a word or a phrase (without space) preceded by a # sign. So if you are tweeting about Djokovic’s defeat in #USOpen2016, well that is how you can use the hashtag.

learn to use hashtag

The basic use of a hashtag is to use them as identifiers of social media posts on similar or same topic. A hashtag lets your followers or friends know that you are tweeting on a specific topic. Sometimes hashtags are also used by social network search engines to identifying trending topics. Though most social search engines can now also identify keywords as trending topics. Still a hashtag makes the topic you are talking about more obvious.

However making a sticky hashtag is not easy. It takes a lot of thinking. It should be easily identifiable and short. Here are a few points which we believe will help you make a great hashtag for your campaign.

  • Short: Make the hashtag short as platforms like Twitter have character limits. A short hashtag is also easy to use and remember. A short hashtag will be easily picked up by your followers.
  • Meaning: The hashtag should have a meaning. Using random abbreviations might not help the users in understanding the topic and hence they may not use it. If you are using a phrase for a hashtag use capitalisation of the first letter of each word, for example Filmfare Awards 2016, you can use a hashtag in the following two ways #filmfareawards2016 or #FilmfareAwards2016. Which one is better?
  • Multiple Hashtags: Multiple hashtags are a strict no no. But if you really must use not more than two or in case of real emergency use three hashtags in one post. Anything more than that could be fatal.
  • Sticky: Make your hashtag fun and innovative only then the audience will follow it.
  • Popularize: One was to popularize your hashtag, if you use it regularly, is to sprinkle it across all your marketing collateral, like posters, or danglers, or your website, or your Facebook masthead, in your Youtube / TV ads. You might have noticed many news channels show their own hashtags in their programs, do that if you are a news channel or any TV channel for that matter.

A hashtag can be a great marketing tool if you can use it the right way. And if you can get the hashtag to trend to the top of the global trending topics list then you can tick it off as a marketing bucket list.

If you have any innovative ideas around hashtag or want to add more to this blog of ours please share the same in the comments below.

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