A Robust Content Marketing Strategy Should Be The Base Of Your Digital Marketing

Content is King. Period. Need we say more why the title of this blog is true!

Content is required for all digital marketing activity, be it SEO or Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing apart, of course, from the essentials tool like an easily navigable website, reliable email marketing tools and analytics tracking mechanisms.

content marketing strategy

Let us now look at each aspect of the digital marketing components and analyse them from a content marketing point of view:

  1. cheap prednisone 10mg SEO: Search Engine Optimization has evolved way beyond link building and link submissions. These days search engines are way smarter than they used to be in the not so distant past. They are no more just site indexing services, they are advanced tools for recognising website content and serving the most accurate results to the users. Hence it is very clear that top quality content is required for your website to make it to the top of a SERP.
  2. http://thurmansbikeandsport.com/index.php?/E5LWcENqfVm SMM: We need not say that your customers on the social media platform of your choice are spoilt for choice when it comes to content consumption. Hence not only the content you are using to engage with your customers, need be perky and interesting but it should also be crisp and to the point.
  3. purchase provigil Email Marketing: The overall open rate of any email marketing activity ranges between 3%-7%. Again as we all know the users are bombarded with so many promotional emails everyday catching their attention is a huge challenge for marketers. Hence a catchy subject line with a straightforward message, like discounts or special prices or freebies should be mentioned. The content of the email body should be crisp and should add value to the reader.

As per the analysis we see that content is what we require if we want to make our digital marketing a success. Following steps can be used for a content marketing strategy:

  1. Content Calendar: Create a content calendar. In order to create a content calendar, the following can be used:
    1. Internet trends
    2. Seasonality of a product / service
    3. Major world events like music band tours or the Olympics
    4. Or simply you can create a calendar which suits your content pool
  2. Content Pool: Create a content pool as per your content calendar. In order to create your content pool, you can get subject matter experts or influencers to the develop the content or you can get professional help by contacting us *wink wink*.
  3. Timeliness: Make sure once you’ve created the content calendar and the content pool and analysed them for consistency and accuracy, you stick to it. Especially if your content calendar revolves around, trends or seasonality or events then make sure you meet the timelines.

Let us know if you are following such a content marketing strategy or if you have any queries we will be happy to address them to improve your content marketing. Share your comments below.

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