5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Not Be On Social Media

Every brand is on social media. Social media marketing has been established as a marketing strategy which marketers can’t simply do away with. As marketers around the world continue to use and overuse social media marketing to the saturation it is time for us to evaluate if our brand should really be on social media.

WebVedics has a panel of social media marketing experts which provides services to brands in managing their social media profiles. In order to understand the needs of the customers WebVedics has devised a 5-pronged method of analysing whether a brand should be on social media or not.

your brand should not be on social media

  1. Objective: The basic and the first rule of any marketing activity is to define the objective of the marketing activity. Before you jump on to the social media marketing bandwagon chalk out your objective. Some of the brands which are doing well on social media have a clearly defined objective. The objective can be:
      • Customer care: Social media can be a great customer care tool and several well established brands like Airtel, Amazon, BigBasket etc are using it to the max as a customer care tool.
      • Engagement: One of the primary aspects of social media marketing is to engage with the customers. Again leading brands like Amazon, Flipkart, television channels like HBO and many more are using social media to engage with customers through contests and other fun activities.
      • Announcements: Several brands are using social media for making announcements about their new products or services.

    Choose your objective. If you do not have a clear cut objective, then your brand should not be on social media.

  2. Time: Whatever your objective of being on social media is, time is of essence. You should be willing to spend time and resources in building your audience. If a brand is already big it will get its audience immediately. Smaller or upcoming brands may need a longer time to get the number of followers. Though now most of the social networking sites allow brands to gain followers by running paid promotions. Hence if you are not willing to spend time your brand should not be on social media.
  3. Timeliness: Your audience on social media is ever so active and is always online. The moment they engage with your brand they expect a response, hence timely responses to their comments or grievances will take your brand a long way. If you cannot dedicate such resources to your brand’s social media profile then it should not be on social media.
  4. Content: As always content is king. The users on social media are overloaded with information and are spoilt for choice. They do not have time to read everything or watch every video or listen to all your podcasts. They only consume content which is crisp and creative. Hence make sure your tweets, posts, blogs etc are all creative and at the same time add value. If you do not have such content, then better stay away from social media marketing.
  5. Engaging: Engaging with someone in a conversation which adds value is an art. As a brand you should be expert in your field and engage with users both positive and negative. While engaging with them you should be polite and respect the others identity. If you do not have such resources make sure you do before you get on to social media.

If your brand lacks in any of the above areas, you are welcome to get in touch with our experts and we will try and help you out as much as possible. If you have any ideas or examples or queries you can simply post them in the comments section below and we will be in touch with you.

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